"MIKSEI -Exhibition of funiture and product design"
-juicy proposal from young designers in Finland

"Simple and functional shapes based on the deep understanding of material and production" -paying respect for such tradition of so-called "Northern European Modern Design", we try to find new value, which stimulates peoples life, that is filled with too much products, elegantly and unobtrusively.

"MIKSEI"(=why not?) is a proposal from six young designers in collaboration with the University of Art and Design, Helsinki.

Date: 16-28.11.2001
(Opening party: 19-21, 16.11)
Mo-Th 11-20, Fr-Sa, before holiday 11-21
Place: VERSION Gallery
4-31-10, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
tel. + 81-3-5787 2400

designer works
Sanna BRUUN (Finland) Scrappy-Tappies (chair)
Jørund EK (Norway) Nokka (chair)
Salla ESKOLA (Finland) Sihti (table/chair)
Franziska HOLZMANN(Germany) Maito Collection (chair/bench)
MIYAKE Arihiro (Japan) Napoleon (chair)
UMEDA Hiroki(Japan) 1-2-3 (vase)
Arcana (porcelain plates)
Eclipse (tea/coffee service)
Gerbera (candle holder)